Foot and Ankle Disorders

Experienced in the assessment and treatment of foot and ankle disorders, Dr Brian Martin has subspecialty training in Foot and Ankle Surgery that he acquired at the Southmead hospital and the Frenchay Hospital in Bristol (UK) in 2010.

The foot and ankle is prone to injuries of the ligament, tendon and cartilage lining your joint surfaces (during sports, work and recreational activities). Fractures can also affect your foot and ankle, causing problems ranging from minor undisplaced fractures to major injuries requiring surgery and internal fixation. 

As a foot and ankle surgeon, Dr Brian Martin has expertise in treating many other chronic conditions that frequently affect this area, including:

  • Arthritis - known to affect the joints of the ankle as well as the foot. 
  • Tendon wear – often seen in the Achilles tendon and other tendons of the foot. 
  • Toe problems - ranging from bunions (hallux valgus) to lesser toe mal-alignment. 
  • Diabetes – can cause problems in the foot such as ulcers as well as cause change to the shape of the foot due to Charcot arthropathy.